Top up the specified Mcoins and get Sea of Love,Green Summer Wings rewards!
2015-07-23 11:07

1.This week the new




2.Top up Award

Event time2015/7/23- 2015/7/30

Event contentIf you top up  the pecified M coin between 23rd July to 30th July( before the server maintain), you can get the generous gift.

Event award:




3. The first Top up award

Event contentIf you are the first time to get the M coin. You can get the double value of the game Gold return . As the same time you can get  the special dress.(please check it in the backpack.)

Event award:

1.100% game Gold return





4. On time award

Event time

July 23th 2200

July 23th 2300

July 24th 2200

July 24th 2300

July 25th 2200

July 25th 2300

July 26th 2200

July 26th 2300

July 27th 2200

July 27th 2300

Event contentDuring the activity,If you go online at the pecified time ,you can get the rich award.


5. Online Award

Event time2015/7/23-2015/7/29

Event contentIf you go online the cumulative total time between 23th July to 29th July,you can get the rich award.


6. Double EXP openLevel up!

Event time





Event contentBattle conducted within the stipulated time, the end is available after double EXPAnd the double experience props superimposed effect~)。



7. Dancer of glory

Event time2015/7/23-2015/7/30

Event contentFor more than 3 players finish any game mode, all players may get Guild Chip,Guild Powder,Guild Essence,Rock Puzzle,Youth Puzzle.

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