Limited! Two parts Gifts for top up/Dance Up 双重好礼限时大放送
2015-06-17 12:06


Part Ⅰ

You can gained Baymax(●—●) if your single top up reached 30 Mcoins during 10:00 to 23:59 on June 18th,2015.Don’t miss it!






Part Ⅱ

You can have once chance to gain rich gifts as long as the cumulative total top up reached relevant amount during event time( 10:00 on June 18th to 23:59 on June 21st,2015).


2015 年6月18日10:00-2015年6月21日23:59,只要累计储值达到相应Mcoins,即可获得相应丰厚的奖励,活动仅限一次喔!




1.       Part ⅠRewards which must reach the value of 30(or more than 30) Mcoins in single top up for qualification can be only acquired once;

2.       Part Ⅰrewards will be released before 23:59 on June 19th, 2015 by mails. Please check your ingame mail.

3.       Part ⅡRewards will be released according to the Total Top Up amount.

E.g. If cumulative total top up reached 10000 Mcoins during event time,you can gain Penguin II(7days), Penguin II(15days)and Adorable (Permanent).

4.       Part Ⅱrewards will be released before 23:59 on June 23rd, 2015 by mails. Please check your ingame mail.

5.       If the agreement cannot be reached during event, the company reserves the right to change or terminate the decision of the event. Announcement of related changes will be occasionally post on the official website.



1.         【第一重】奖励必须单笔储值30或以上Mcoins方能符合获奖资格,奖励仅限获得一次;

2.         【第一重】活动奖励将于2015年6月19日23:59前通过邮件进行发送,请注意查收;

3.         【第二重】奖励只需要达到指定的条件,即可获取对应的奖励;

例:活动期间内,累计储值达到10000Mconis,则获得Penguin II(7days), Penguin II(15days)和Adorable (Permanent);

4.         【第二重】活动奖励将于2015年6月23日23:59前通过邮件进行发送,请注意查收;

5.         活动期间如有任何未尽事宜,本公司保留变更或终止本活动之决定权,相关变更公告将不定期公告于官网 

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